Who are Psychic Mediums, and what do they do?

Many of us hear the words psychic used independently and together, but only very few know what they mean. Are psychics the same as mediums, or are they different?  Do they do the same things, or do they play different roles? Both words are so convoluted and made all the more confusing by online writers and Hollywood movies, so much so that it’s very difficult for laypeople to tell the difference.

In this article, we want to explore who best psychics are and their relationship and how one can be the other and vice versa.

All you need to know about Mediums

For most people, when they hear the word medium, the next thing that comes to their mind is Séance ceremonies, Ouija Boards, Crystal Balls and Tarot Cards. But truth be told, there is more to Mediums than those objects and rituals.  Mediums delve into phenomenal that many of us will not even contemplate. But what do mediums do?

Mediums are people who can communicate with someone on the other side. Contrary to what the media has made many believe, mediums do not communicate with the dead. Rather, they transition from the physical world in which we are all part into the spiritual world. By orientation, mediums are highly sensitive people who can hear, see and get information from the other side.

Mediums interact with the other side

Mediums are not only able to see and hear from the other side, but they are also able to communicate and hold conversations with spirit entities. They can also visit psychic reading free online services to initiate conversations between the living and the dead. They do this through different means.

In some cases, the medium could be possessed with the spirit of the deceased by acting as a vessel to facilitate communication.

Some are very empathic and so are able to share experiences between the living and their loved ones who is dead and has crossed over to the other side.  Their ability to facilitate communication is what makes them highly sort after by those seeking answers that they cannot get here in the physical realm.

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

There are mediums, psychics, and then there are clairvoyant people. All three share certain similarities to the point of confusion. But they are not the same as they are as different as they are similar.  How so?

For Mediums, they raise their vibration to a high level to enable them to connect with the spirit realm. As for psychics, they have the ability to obtain information about the past, present and future.  However, psychics cannot deliver messages from the other side through their free psychic reading.

As for Clairvoyant individuals, they can see and hear things clearly that others cannot hear. Those who can see are called clairvoyants, those who can hear things are called clairaudient, and the ones who can hear feelings are called clairsentients.

All three serve their purpose, and one is not greater than the other.

What to expect when you consult with a Medium

Mediums can communicate with those who have passed on, so if you consult one, be prepared to hear messages from your dead friends or loved ones. But no session with a Medium ends the same way. Messages vary, and Mediums operate differently.

When dealing with a medium, be open to experiencing intangible experiences as well as information you were not even expecting. You should also expect to be guided and provided with perspective and clarity about life.

What is the difference between a Psychic and Medium

To better understand the difference, you need to know that one can exist without being the other. Psychics are not Mediums, so when searching for experts to guide you through a tough situation, knowing what they are and what they are not will help you make the right choice.

Who is a Psychic

A free psychic is one who offers psychic readings for free. They receive information through intuition by accessing a higher power and through the energy of the individual they are connected to. Psychics work with different tools like runes, taper cards and other items to tune in their abilities for clearer messaging.

By focusing on energy frequencies, they can gain helpful insight into the person’s life and their current situation. They can also get information about the future. Psychics provide perspective, comfort and guidance through their readings.

Who is a Medium?

The majority of mediums are psychics however, psychics aren’t mediums. What differentiates them from the typical psychic is the fact that they are able to communicate with dead people while conducting online readings for free. Mediums are able to communicate with the deadand act as vessels through which dead people can talk to the living.

Mediums are sought-after by those grieving at the passing of a beloved one. They can provide comfort and comfort and allow the living to get through their lives instead of being stricken by grief and regret.

Can a person be a Psychic Medium?

Yes, it is possible for one to be a psychic medium. The mere fact that mediums can get information from the spirit world makes them psychics by default. So if a person is a psychic medium, that means they can gain insight and also provide direction, guidance and succor. A psychic medium can also help a person heal from a metaphysical wound.

For those who seek information about their future, they do not go to psychics unless they feel that the information they seek can be received from a dead person. Psychic mediums are helpful if you want to communicate with the dead or get information from a moved one who has passed on.

How to locate a psychic medium

If you need the help of a free psychic medium for one reason or the other, there are different ways to go about it.

Get a referral

The first thing you can do is get a referral from someone who has used the service of one before.  Referral ls are your best bet because a close confidante who has used their service before will be in the best position to prepare you for what to expect. They can also provide you with a first-hand evaluation of how authentic the psychic medium is. However, if you don’t know anyone who can refer you, you can use the other tips below.

Use online platforms

The internet has made it easier to find online psychic and psychic mediums who offer consultation sessions over the internet. You can review two or more websites to find one that is genuine. To evaluate the authenticity of a platform, take your time to read the reviews and recommendations of those who have used the platform before. Let their documented experiences guide your choice.

Call their hotlines

Some online psychics who are also mediums can be reached over the phone as they make their hotlines available. You can call them to book a session or, better still, send them an email to ask questions. During the short conversations you will have with the expert, you can make up your mind whether to go through with a session or not.

When you contact the best psychic medium, just have an open mind and hope for the best.  Control your expectations and be anxious for nothing. Things will fall into place, and you will get the insight you seek.


There is so much that a free psychic medium can do for you if you are willing to present yourself for a psychic prediction. Communicating with the other side can help you overcome a difficult situation in your life. If you are dealing with the loss of a relative, mediums can help you heal and move on. Psychics are not mediums, but all mediums are psychics. With their help, life can begin to make sense once again.